Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Book Review: Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel - Jane Costello

The Moonlight Hotel sits on the shore of England’s best-loved lake, Windermere, exuding vintage glamour.

Lauren loves the hotel, for hidden inside its faded walls is the key to her most precious memories. So, along with her best friends, Cate and Emily, she signs up to a new dance class in its gorgeous ballroom. They aren’t going for the men, they’re going for a laugh – although a little romance wouldn’t hurt . . .

But then a chain of events off the dance floor puts their friendship to the ultimate test, and makes Lauren question everything she holds dear.

Put on your dancing shoes and escape to The Moonlight Hotel, for Jane’s funniest and most poignant novel yet…

Jane Costello is quickly rising to the top of my All Time Favourite Authors. I love love love her books; full of warmth, love, humour and that little bit of grit which shows real depth to the characters.

This book is no exception. I received this from the publisher Simon & Schuster in exchange for an honest review, and I can honestly say I loved it.

Lauren is the type of main character that we can all identify with in some way; a little bit clumsy and inept, and hopelessly in love with someone they can't have. I love the way Jane shows how blinkered we can be in refusing to see people for who they really are.

Edwin is the object of Lauren's affections, and she would go to the ends of the Earth for him - well, to Singapore, at least.

Cate and Emily are Lauren's best friends, and they have their own problems to deal with. Cate has a serious issue that is so very relevant in today's society, and Jane handles this with sensitivity and leaves you thinking about the consequences of such actions for a long time after finishing the book.

There is a beautiful poignancy throughout the story as we learn how much a father means to a daughter. My heartstrings were not so much tugged as yanked at times!

Of course it's not all doom and gloom and soggy tissues, Jane's humour lightens the book with genuine laugh-out-loud moments.

Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel is a wonderful story of love, friendship, hot men and hot salsa - but left me with no desire to go walking in the Lake District!

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