Thursday, 22 June 2017

Blog Tour: Skin Deep by Laura Wilkinson

The Blurb
It’s what’s inside that counts…
Art student and former model Diana has always been admired for her beauty but what use are good looks when you want to shine for your talent? Insecure and desperate for inspiration, Diana needs a muse.
Facially disfigured four-year-old Cal lives a life largely hidden from the world. But he was born to be looked at and he needs love too. A chance encounter changes everything; Cal becomes Diana’s muse. But as Diana’s reputation develops and Cal grows up, their relationship implodes.
Both struggle to be accepted for what lies within. 
Is it possible to find acceptance in a society where what's on the outside counts for so much?
My Review

Appearance and acceptance are themes within this book, when we delve into the psyche of Diana. Classically beautiful, she hates that her looks earned her - or rather, her mother - money when she was entered into beauty pageants. She hated the feeling of being used.

Heartbreaking circumstances lead to Diana adopting four year old Cal, whose face initially terrifies her, rescuing him from a lifetime of being hidden away. She puts him on a pedestal, both literally and metaphorically, when Cal inspires her to produce provocative pieces of art, making her name.

There is no doubting Diana's love for Cal and she truly believes she is helping him, but there's a fine line, and Diana is danger of crossing it. Is she so different from her mother?

The writing is exceptional - the descriptions of student life in a seedy part of Manchester bring the setting alive. It's emotional without being over-dramatic, and is a gripping read. Seeing how the two main characters develop, along with their relationships both with each other and others around them is intriguing. It certainly reminds you that appearances can be deceptive, and how even though we know beauty is only skin deep, we still judge by appearance.

You can buy Skin Deep from Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith and other retailers now.

About the Author

Liverpool born, Laura is a taff at heart. She has published six novels for adults (two under a pseudonym) and numerous short stories, some of which have made the short lists of international competitions. Public Battles, Private Wars, was a Welsh Books Council Book of the month; Redemption Song was a Kindle top twenty. The Family Line is a family drama set in the near future, looking at identity and parenting. Her latest is Skin Deep. Alongside writing, Laura works as an editor & mentor for literary consultancies and runs workshops on aspects of craft. She’s spoken at festivals and events nationwide, including the Frome Festival, Gladfest, University of Kingston, The Women’s Library and Museum in Docklands. She lives in Brighton with her husband and sons.

Contact Laura: Twitter @ScorpioScribble Facebook: Laura Wilkinson Author Instagram: laura_wilkinsonwriter Pinterest: laura1765 Goodreads: Laura_ Wilkinson

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