Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Book Review: A Year and a Day by Isabelle Broom

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advanced reading copy.

The Blurb:
Welcome to a city where wishes are everywhere.
For Megan, a winter escape to Prague with her friend Ollie is a chance to find some inspiration for her upcoming photography exhibition. But she's determined to keep their friendship from becoming anything more. Because if Megan lets Ollie find out about her past, she risks losing everything - and she won't let that happen again . . .
For Hope, the trip is a surprise treat from Charlie, her new partner. But she's struggling to enjoy the beauty of the city when she knows how angry her daughter is back home. And that it's all her fault . . .
For Sophie, the city has always been a magical place. This time she can't stop counting down the moments until her boyfriend Robin joins her. But in historic Prague you can never escape the past . . .
Three different women.
Three intertwining love stories.
One unforgettable, timeless city.

My Review:

After the beautiful debut, My Map of You, Isabelle's second novel, A Year and a Day, is another delight to read.

It is a story full of vivid descriptions of the surrounding area, proof that the author has well-researched her destination, and her love of the city of Prague is evident on the pages. Often I find that too much descriptive language in a story can slow the pace right down, but Isabelle has it perfect here. It doesn't affect the pace at all, and is vital to the gentle narrative of our three heroines and their partners.

The three main relationships in the story are under the spotlight; vulnerable Sophie, waiting for her fiance Robin to join her in the city which means so much to them; Hope, whose new relationship with Charlie is threatened by Hope's feelings of guilt; and Megan and Ollie, who could be so much more than best friends if Megan would get over her own issues.

Despite the snow lying on the streets, there is lots of warmth and comfort in this book, and I found myself immersed in the story, smelling and almost tasting the goulash and strudel and hot mulled wine. Isabelle has not only written a lovely tale of romance, but she has sold Prague as a weekend break way better than any travel agent!

I'm off to book my ticket right now!

A Year and a Day is available from November 17th and can be pre-ordered here (other retailers are available!) 

About the Author:

Isabelle Broom was born in Cambridge nine days before the 1980s began and studied Media Arts at the University of West London before starting a career first in local newspapers and then as a sub editor at heat magazine. Nowadays, when she’s not writing novels set in far-flung locations, Isabelle spends her time being the Book Reviews Editor at heat and walking her beloved dog Max round the parks of north London. Oh, and she does a lot of laughing, too. Her debut novel My Map Of You, published by Penguin Michael Joseph, is out now, and her second book, A Year And A Day, will follow in November.

If you like pictures of dogs, chatter about books and very bad jokes, you can follow her on Twitter @Isabelle_Broom or find her on Facebook under Isabelle Broom Author.

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