Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Book Review: Summer at the Star and Sixpence by Holly Hepburn

The perfect summer novella for all fans of Cathy Bramley and Scarlett Bailey.
When sisters Sam and Nessie left the city lights to take over The Star and Sixpence pub in Little Monkham, little did they realise they'd be taking on the villagers too...

Thrown in at the deep end with a wedding to organise at the same time as launching their new hotel rooms, the last thing they need is Sam's past catching up with them.
As the scandal strikes, the only question is will the villagers stick their necks out for two relative newcomers? Or will Franny, the terrifying postmistress, see them gone for good...

Spend a lazy summer day with Summer at the Star and Sixpence - the perfect novella for those long sunny afternoons.

This summer novella is the third instalment in the series, the previous being 'Snowdrops at the Star and Sixpence' followed by 'Valentine's Day at the Star and Sixpence'.

I haven't read many novellas before, and this is the first time I have become invested in a novella series. I'm usually too impatient to find out what happens next, but with these being released every 2 or 3 months, I can just about contain my excitement!

I had read the previous instalments on Kindle, so it was lovely to receive a special edition advanced reading copy from those lovely people at Simon and Schuster.

It's perfect for reading whilst lazing in the garden. Unfortunately for me it was snowing at the time (in April!) so I was wrapped up in my granny blanket reclined on the sofa rather than lounging in the sun. But still I was immersed in the story of Sam and Nessie's newest plans for their inherited pub, renting rooms out, including a beautiful bridal suite. The bride in question is someone very influential in the world of travel writing, so they need to impress her!

It was lovely to see Nessie and Owen finally on their first date, even if it doesn't quite go according to plan, but more exciting was finding out the reason Sam was so happy to leave her London life behind.

It is short and sweet, and I look forward to reading 'Autumn at the Star and Sixpence' which will be released - you guessed it - in the Autumn!

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