Tuesday 24 October 2017

Blog Tour: My Girlfriend's Perfect Ex-Boyfriend by Peter Jones

Today I'm delighted to be on the blog tour for Peter Jones's novel My Girlfriend's Perfect Ex-Boyfriend (no not that Peter Jones, although this one has been known to be physically attracted to a dragon or two).

You might be getting a sense of deja vu - that will be because I shared an extract a couple of weeks ago here. This post is for my review!

The Blurb

Adrian Turner, Mountaineer, Secret Agent, Fireman… Ade would dearly like to be any of these things, though he’d trade them all to win the heart of feisty Public Relations Executive, Paige.

Instead, he’s a disillusioned school teacher, on suspension, after an unfortunate incident with a heavy piece of computer equipment. And somebody’s foot. And Paige? Despite being his girlfriend for the past eighteen months, she still seems to have one foot out of the door and hasn’t quite committed to leaving a toothbrush in the bathroom.

Of course, it doesn’t help that she’s working with her ex-boyfriend, Sebastian. A man who in almost every way imaginable is better, taller, wealthier, hairier, and infinitely more successful than Ade.

Is Paige still in love with Sebastian? Why then did she suggest they get away for a few days? Some place romantic…

But when Adrian finds himself in Slovenia - with Sebastian in the room down the hall - he realises there’s serious possibility that he’s in danger of losing his job, his mind, and the woman he loves…

From best-selling author Peter Jones comes this hilarious romp about love, and the things people do to keep it from getting away.

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My Review

This book just goes to show that men, far from being an alien species, are actually quite similar to women in many ways, including having feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and fear that we are constantly comparing our partners to previous partners.

This romcom, written by a man (gasp!), from a man's perspective (double gasp!), is both touching and hilarious in equal measures.

Amusingly, Adrian finds himself turning to a 15 year old pupil, of all people, for advice on his love life. Adrian's girlfriend, Paige, does seem like a bit of a cold fish, and I wonder if Adrian had 'settled' for her, with the kudos of her leaving Sebastian for him. Of course ever since that happened, Adrian has been petrified of her going back to Sebastian, especially as Sebastian can do everything and anything better than him. But that's Adrian's lack of self-confidence showing. In my opinion, Sebastian is a repulsive character and I think he and Paige are quite well-suited. I think Adrian is better than the pair of them put together, and deserves someone much nicer.

Poor old Adrian doesn't help himself though. His jealousy creeps into his life with the subtlety of a reality star. Paige is probably quite patient considering the amount of times Adrian brings up Sebastian.

The other character I loved is Nikita. Fabulous, flirty, and a great case of don't judge a book by its cover.

Peter Jones is also one of a growing number of authors who are making want to reach for my passport. Slovakia sounds beautiful!

My Girlfriend's Perfect Ex Boyfriend is an entertaining read, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

About the Author

Peter Jones started professional life as a particularly rubbish graphic designer, followed by a stint as a mediocre petrol pump attendant. After that he got embroiled in the murky world of credit card banking. Fun times.

​Nowadays, Peter spends his days writing, or talking about writing. He’s written three novels; a Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy), A Crim-Com (Crime Comedy), and a Rom-Com-Ding-Dong (a sort-of Romantic-ish Comedy, with attitude). He’s currently working on his fourth novel, which - if it’s a musical - he’ll no doubt describe as a Rom-Com-Sing-Song. (Spoiler: It isn’t).

He is also the author of three and a half popular self-help books on the subjects of happiness, staying slim and dating. If you’re overweight, lonely, or unhappy – he’s your guy.

Peter doesn’t own a large departmental store and probably isn’t the same guy you’ve seen on the TV show Dragons’ Den.

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